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News & Analysis In the Courts Volume 47, Issue 11

Wyoming v. DOI

47 ELR 20116
16-8068 (10th Cir., September 2017)
Challenge to BLM fracking regulation rule dismissed and lower court decision enjoining the rule vacated. 

Center for Biological Diversity v. EPA

47 ELR 20117
16-cv-05492-JSW (N.D. Cal., September 2017)
EPA given 90 days to finalize findings for the 2012 PM2.5 NAAQS.

Columbia Riverkeeper v. Cowlitz City

47 ELR 20118
17-010c (Shoreline Hearings Bd., September 2017)
Methanol refinery put on hold for not adequately considering GHG emissions in environmental impact statement. 

Wildearth Guardians v. BLM

47 ELR 20115
15-8109 (10th Cir., September 2017)
BLM violated NEPA when approving coal leases.

United States v. Spatig

47 ELR 20114
15-cv-30322 (9th Cir., September 2017)
Trial court denial of evidence of defendant's diminished capacity proper in RCRA criminal case.

Mays v. Flint, City of

47 ELR 20112
16-2484 (6th Cir., September 2017)
For purposes of removal to federal court, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality did not act on behalf of federal government when implementing SDWA.

Lajim, LLC v. Gen . Electric Co.

47 ELR 20111
13-CV-50348 (D. Ill. , September 2017)
Injunction to perform testing under RCRA denied while remediation action under consent agreement is ongoing.

Western Watersheds Project v. Wyoming

47 ELR 20110
16-8083 (10th Cir., September 2017)
Wyoming trespass law targeting collection of “resource data” violates Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. 

SPS LP v. Sparrows Point, LLC

47 ELR 20113
14-cv-00589 (D. Md. , September 2017)
Passive migration of benzene to adjoining property not a "disposal" under CERCLA without activity of owner.

Natl. Parks Conserv. Assn. v. EPA

47 ELR 20108
1:11-cv-01548 (D.D.C., August 2017)
EPA request for extension to consider Texas regional haze plan denied.