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State Update Volume 43, Issue 5

Vermont: Land Use

The Natural Resources Board proposed to add rules to implement Act 250, Vermont's Land Use and Development Control Law. The rules guide the operations of the district environmental commissions pertaining to the Act. There will be a public hearing March 12, 2013, and the deadline for comment is May 1. See http://www.nrb.state.vt.us/rulemaking/act250/act2502013.htm.

Land Use (generally)

New York: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Department of Environmental Conservation amended N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 6, §§200 & 201, Air Pollution Control Permits and Registrations. Changes revise the Operating Permit Program to replace references and clarify rules. Amendments take effect March 13, 2013. See http://docs.dos.ny.gov/info/register/2013/feb13/pdf/rulemaking.pdf (pp. 19-22).

Clean Air Act (CAA)

Tennessee: Endangered Species

The Environment and Conservation Agency proposed to amend Tenn. Admin. Code 0400.06.02, Rare Plant Protection and Conservation Regulations. The rulemaking replaces the list of endangered species. There will be a public hearing April 12, 2013. See http://state.tn.us/sos/rules_filings/02-03-13.pdf.

Endangered Species

New Hampshire: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Department of Environmental Services proposed to amend Env-A 101.104, Definition of Incinerator, & 1900, Incinerators. Changes would revise the definition to include wood waste burners. There will be a public hearing March 22, 2013, and the deadline for comment is March 29. See http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rules/register/2013/february-14-13.pdf (pp. 1-4).

Clean Air Act (CAA)

Alaska: Pesticides

The Department of Environmental Conservation amended 18 Alaska Admin. Code 90, pertaining to the Pesticide Control Regulations. Changes alter the process that state managers must follow when applying pesticides and clarify sections relating to government entities applying pesticides to private lands. The amendments will take effect March 7, 2013.


Pennsylvania: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Department of Environmental Protection amended Chs. 121, 123, and 139, Commercial Fuel Oil Sulfur Limits for Combustion Units. Amendments replace existing area-specific sulfur limits with a statewide standard, in addition to other changes. Changes took effect February 9, 2013. See http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol43/43-6/227.html.

Clean Air Act (CAA)

California: Toxic Substances

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment listed C.I. Disperse Yellow 3 and 2,6-dimethyl-N-nitrosomorpholine as chemicals known to the state to cause cancer. The listing took effect February 8, 2013. See http://www.oal.ca.gov/res/docs/pdf/notice/06z-2013.pdf (pp. 197-98).

Toxic Substances (generally)

Illinois: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Pollution Control Board amended 35 Ill. Admin. Code §211, Definitions and General Provisions. Changes update the definitions of "volatile organic material" and "volatile organic compound" to reflect changes to federal regulations. Amendments took effect January 28, 2013. See http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/index/register/register_volume37_issue6.pdf (pp. 1662-82).

Clean Air Act (CAA)