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State Update Volume 43, Issue 1

Delaware: Waste

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control amended 7 Del. Admin. Code Ch. 60 §1302, Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste. Changes correct errors and clarify the regulations to maintain consistency with federal rules. The effective date is January 21, 2013. See http://regulations.delaware.gov/register/january2013/final/16%20DE%20Reg%20784%2001-01-13.htm.

Waste (generally)

Illinois: Hazardous Substances

The Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund Council amended 35 Ill. Admin. Code §1500, General Program Rules. The rulemaking requires any drycleaning facility that receives reimbursement of remedial action costs from the fund to purchase financial assurance coverage for pollution liabilities until either January 1, 2020, or the date the council determines the facility is no longer active. Changes took effect December 13, 2012.

Hazardous Substances

Illinois: Quality

The Pollution Control Board amended 35 Ill. Admin. Code §301, Introduction; §302, Water Quality Standards; and §303, Water Use Designations and Site-Specific Water Quality Standards. Changes incorporate an updated methodology related to cyanide used to determine compliance and update other water quality standards. Amendments took effect December 12, 2012. See http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/index/register/register_volume36_issue52.pdf (pp. 18863-902).


Idaho: Forests

The Department of Lands added Idaho Admin. Code r. 20.02.01, Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Forest Practices Act. The rule allows forest owners to select from two options as to how they will address shade and large wood recruitment in streams. See http://adminrules.idaho.gov/bulletin/2013/01.pdf (pp. 147-54.


Idaho: Energy

The Department of Lands amended Idaho Admin. Code r. 20.03.15, Issuance of Geothermal Leases. Changes delete §022, Lease Award Through Auction, due to a recent state Supreme Court decision, and delete other sections to alter the permit process. See http://adminrules.idaho.gov/bulletin/2013/01.pdf (pp. 158-60).

Energy (generally)

Idaho: Quality

The Department of Water Resources amended Idaho Admin. Code r. 37.03.03, Rules and Minimum Standards for the Construction and Use of Injection Wells. Changes alter the section for consistency with other state rules and federal requirements. See http://adminrules.idaho.gov/bulletin/2013/01.pdf (pp. 203-18).


Maine: Forests

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry amended 04-061 Code Me. Regs. Ch. 25, Standards for Placing Wood into Stream Channels to Enhance Cold Water Fisheries Habitat. The rule establishes standards for placing wood into stream channels to enhance cold water fisheries. Changes took effect December 25, 2012. See http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/rules/notices/2012/122612.html.