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State Update Volume 42, Issue 20

Virginia: Endangered Species

The Department of Agriculture proposed to amend 2 Va. Admin. Code §5.320.10, Regulations for the Enforcement of the Endangered Plant and Insect Species Act. Changes would remove one plant species from the list and add one insect and three plant species. There will be a public hearing August 7, 2012, and the deadline for comment is August 31. See http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/register/vol28/iss22/v28i22.pdf (pp. 1667-70).

Endangered Species

Tennessee: Hazardous Substances

The Environment and Conservation Agency amended Tenn. Admin. Code §0400.18.01, Underground Storage Program. Changes clarify requirements for operator training. The rules take effect September 26, 2012. See http://www.tn.gov/sos/rules_filings/06-39-12.pdf.

Hazardous Substances

Pennsylvania: Air

The Environmental Quality Board proposed amended 25 Pa. Code Chs. 121 & 139, Measurement and Reporting of Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions. Amendments pertain to compliance demonstration and determination. The changes took effect July 7, 2012. See http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol42/42-27/1291.html.

Air (generally)

Virginia: Water

The State Board of Health proposed to amend 12 Va. Admin. Code §5.630, Private Well Regulation. Changes would establish an express geothermal well permit and create minimum well yield and storage requirements for residential drinking water wells. The deadline for comment is August 1, 2012. See http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/register/vol28/iss22/v28i22.pdf (pp. 1684-87).

Water (generally)

Pennsylvania: Quality

The Environmental Quality Board proposed to amend 25 Pa. Code Ch. 16, Water Quality Toxics Management Strategy. Changes update sections of the chapter related to a triennial review of water quality standards. There will be a public hearing August 8, 2012, and the deadline for comment is August 21. See http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol42/42-27/1264.html.


Oregon: Land Use

The Land Conservation and Development Department amended Or. Admin. R. 660.035, related to Federal Coastal Zone Management Act consistency requirements. See http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/doc/rules/bulletin/July2012_Bulletin.pdf (pp. 109-11).

Land Use (generally)

Oregon: Air

The Department of Environmental Quality amended Or. Admin. R. 340.200, .210, .228, & .262. Amendments exempt certain boiler owners from the requirements of the Heat Smart regulations, which prohibit the sale of solid fuel burning devices that have a maximum heat output capacity below one million BTUs. The rule changes took effect May 17, 2012. See http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/doc/rules/bulletin/July2012_Bulletin.pdf (pp. 47-64).

Air (generally)

Oregon: Oceans

The Department of Fish and Wildlife proposed to adopt amendments to Or. Admin. R. 635.012, Regulations Governing Marine Reserves and Protected Areas in Oregon’s Territorial Sea. Amendments extensively modify the state's marine reserves and marine protected areas regulations to meet the requirements of a senate bill. Changes apply to reserves and protected areas at Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, and Cape Perpetua. The deadline for comment is August 3, 2012.


New Jersey: Enforcement and Compliance

The Department of Environmental Protection readopted N.J. Admin. Code §7.29, Noise Control, with amendments. The amendments pertain to standards to control noise from stationary and industrial sources and procedures for measuring noise levels. The rules took effect June 7, 2012. See http://www.nj.gov/dep/rules/adoptions/adopt_20120702a.pdf

Enforcement and Compliance

Indiana: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Air Pollution Control Board amended 326 Ind. Admin. Code §2, concerning new source review provisions for particulate matter less than 2.5 microns. Changes also defer carbon dioxide emissions from bioenergy and other biogenic sources under the PSD and Title V Program and identify nitrogen dioxide as a precursor to ozone. Changes took effect July 11, 2012. See http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20120711-IR-326110251FRA.xml.pdf.

Clean Air Act (CAA)