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State Update Volume 41, Issue 9

Texas: Water

The Commission on Environmental Quality proposed to amend 30 Tex. Admin. Code §§334.42, 334.45, 334.49, & 334.50, Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks. The rules took effect March 17, 2011. http://www.sos.state.tx.us/texreg/pdf/currview/0311is.pdf pp. 1675-78.


Utah: Water

The Department of Environmental Quality proposed to amend Utah Admin. Code r. 309-800, Capacity Development Program. Changes authorize the Executive Secretary to the Drinking Water Board to require a capacity assessment of water systems applying for the State Revolving Fund. The deadline for public comment is April 18, 2011, and the rule may become effective on May 18. http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/bull_pdf/2011/b20110315.pdf pp. 72-75.


West Virginia: Air

The Department of Environmental Protection amended W. Va. Admin. Code. §22.5.4, Requirements for Operating Permits. http://www.sos.wv.gov/administrative-law/register/Documents/2011/031811.pdf p. 426.