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State Update Volume 41, Issue 2

Arkansas: Energy

The Economic Development Commission adopted Energy Efficiency and Natural Resource Conservation in Public Buildings. The rule will create the State Buildings Energy Management Program, which mandates that public buildings avoid resource depletion and prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure. Among other new rules, certain state buildings must reduce energy usage by 20 percent by the end of FY2014 and 30 percent by the end of FY2017. The rules took effect December 2, 2010.


California: Climate Change

The Air Resources Board will hold a public hearing to consider changes to Calif. Code Regs. tit. 17 §95486, Carbon Intensity Lookup Tables in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulation. The board has developed carbon intensities for six additional fuel pathways: Used Cooking Oil Biodiesel (with and without cooking); Canola Biodiesel; Corn Oil Biodiesel; and Sorghum Ethanol (dry and wet distillers grain and solubles). The hearing will be on February 24, 2011, and the deadline for written comments is February 23.

Climate Change (generally)

California: Toxic substances

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment proposed amendments to 27 Calif. Code Regs. §25705, Specific Regulatory Levels Posing No Significant Risk. Changes would establish a No Significant Risk Level for 4-methylimidazole. The deadline for comment is February 7, 2011. http://www.oal.ca.gov/res/docs/pdf/notice/1z-2011.pdf pp. 14-16.

Toxic substances

California: Toxic Substances

The Office of Pesticide Regulation proposed amendments to 3 Calif. Code Regs. §§6128 and 6130, Enforcement Response. Changes would revise appropriate enforcement responses to be taken by the county agricultural commissioner each time a pesticide violation occurs. The deadline for comments is February 28, 2011. http://www.oal.ca.gov/res/docs/pdf/notice/2z-2011.pdf pp. 51-54.

Toxic Substances

Colorado: Waste

The Department of Public Health and Environment proposed to amend 6 Colo. Code Regs. 1007-3, Hazardous Waste Fees. Changes would provide for a one-year temporary decrease of 12 percent in hazardous waste fees for Calendar Year 2011. There will be a public hearing February 15, 2011. http://www.sos.state.co.us/CCR/Upload/NoticeOfRulemaking/ProposedRuleAttach2010-01205.RTF.


Colorado: Waste

The Department of Public Health and Environment proposed to amend 6 Colo. Code Regs. 1007-2, Regulations Pertaining to Solid Waste Sites and Facilities. Changes would delete the existing section 10 (Scrap Tire Facilities) regulations, add new section 10 regulations regarding Waste Tire Facilities and Waste Tire Haulers, and delete and reserve section 15 (Waste Motor Vehicle Tire Haulers). There will be a public hearing February 15, 2011.


Connecticut: Wildlife

The Department of Environmental Protection proposed to amend Conn. Gen. Stat. §26.55, which addresses the importation and possession of wild birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. The rule change will establish a list of wild animals that may not be imported or possessed in Connecticut except by certain research or entertainment facilities (like zoos) due to reasons of safety, and a similar list restricting animal importation and possession to the same facilities due to the species' threat to agriculture.


Illinois: Toxic substances

The Department of Agriculture amended 8 Ill. Admin. Code 250.220, Illinois Pesticide Act. Changes exempt certain volunteers at public parks and institutions from requirements for a full pesticide licensing process to administer pesticides. Changes took effect January 1, 2011. http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/index/register/register_volume35_issue2.pdf pp. 351-5.

Toxic substances

Indiana: Air

The Air Pollution Control Board amended 326 Ind. Admin. Code §7.2.1, concerning sulfur dioxide compliance requirements, and §3, concerning compliance monitoring. Changes take effect February 19, 2011. http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20110119-IR-326050330PRA.xml.pdf.


Iowa: Water

The Environmental Protection Commission amended Iowa Admin. Code ch. 61, Water Quality Standards. The amendment will provide water quality certification pursuant to CWA §401 for Regional Permit 27 and the reissued Regional Permits 33 and 34. Changes take effect February 16, 2011. http://www.legis.state.ia.us/aspx/ACODOCS/DOCS/01-12-2011.Bulletin.pdf pp. 1037-39.