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State Update Volume 41, Issue 16

Rhode Island: Water

The Water Resources Board adopted Details for Regulation Water Use and Efficiency Rule for Major Public Water Suppliers. The rule establishes targets and methods for efficient water use for major public water suppliers and annual reporting requirements for major public water suppliers. The rule takes effect June 14, 2011. http://sos.ri.gov/documents/archives/regdocs/released/pdf//WRB/6393.pdf.


Tennessee: Air

The Environment and Conservation Agency amended Tenn. Admin. Code §1200.03.11, Hazardous Air Contaminants. Changes amend general provisions to add references to propylene carbonate and dimethyl carbonate. The rule takes effect on August 23, 2011. http://state.tn.us/sos/rules_filings/05-08-11.pdf.


Virginia: Water

The Water Control Board proposed to amend 9 Va. Admin. Code §25.820, General Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Watershed Permit Regulation for Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus Discharges and Nutrient Trading in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in Virginia. Changes would reduce total nitrogen and total phosphorous waste load allocations for the discharges and nutrient trading in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Virginia and reissue the existing general permit. There will be a public hearing on July 6, 2011, and the deadline for public comment is July 22.