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In re Bond

Case Number: 
RCRA No. HQ-2004-0004
ELR Citation:35 ELR 47852

An administrative law judge (ALJ) ordered an individual to pay a civil penalty of $54,019 for three counts of violating RCRA and one count of violating the CWA. The ALJ also ordered that the individual should immediately comply with RCRA, including those regulations in 40 CFR parts 261, 262, 279, and those specified in the compliance order. Within 45 days of the receipt of this order, the individual should comply with regulations regarding the management of used oil; submit to EPA an inventory of all containers of used oil and spent batteries including a photograph and description of each container, volume, and location; and shall properly remove and recycle all used oil ensuring that all used oil is transported by a licensed used oil transporter.